If You Noticed Any Wonkiness With My Site…

Over the past 2 days, if you’ve noticed any wonkiness with my site, it’s because I was updating it to “Managed WordPress”.  It all started on Thursday when my theme* released a new update which broke my site.  I was getting a PHP error, which I asked my theme’s author about.  He told me how to check the version of PHP my site was running, which turned out to be very outdated.  Updating my PHP version wasn’t as easy as I’d imagined… shocker.  I knew enough to know it’s not something I could do myself, it’s something that GoDaddy, which hosts my site, would have to do.  So I called them.  And live chatted with them.  And called and live chatted and called and live chatted about 9 or 15 times since Thursday night…

But finally my site is DONE and UPDATED and back to it’s GLORIOUS self!  My PHP version is updated, I will have better control over my site with Managed WordPress, and I got to reacquaint myself with an FTP server, something I haven’t done in years [luckily it’s like riding a bike].  Since the inception of my website I’ve been able to use GoDaddy’s FTP client to update the background files of my site, but apparently with Managed WordPress I have to use an outside FTP client.  So I downloaded FileZilla, input my hostname, username, pw, and port [which Managed WordPress provided] and it’s been great.  Phew!

Another new thing you might have noticed since last month is my drop-down menus.  I used to have regular drop-down menus that looked like this:

my old style of drop-down menus were ugly & also getting in my way

Then for a while I had no drop-down menus.  Now they’re back, but instead of being regular, they’re pictures 🙂  I love them.  You’ll see my menu bar now has little down-arrows to indicate more choices:

And when you hover over each option with a down-arrow you’ll get descriptive pictures for the options under each menu.  Here’s HOUSE & RIVER:





It’s thanks to this super awesome plugin:


You can make your drop-downs be descriptions, images + descriptions, icons, or custom designs:

Images [which is what I chose] or even maps!:


You can even have a drop-down menu with tabs, and each tab brings up a new set of images – soooooooo cool:


Each one of your drop-down menus can be totally unique and different from each other.   It’s worth checking out their site just to hover over each of their drop-down menus & see what each style does.  So crazy!  It took a bit of finessing to get it to run on my site – some themes override the ubermenu settings, but they have videos showing you how to get around that.  After I figured it out, I love it!  I hope you do, too.

* The “theme” is the template that makes my website look like it does.  Well, it gives me a starting point.  I have always used a Cryout Creations theme, because I love how many options they offer in terms of customization [and they’re free].  For the first couple of years I used their Mantra theme, then I upgraded to their Nirvana theme, which is what I’m currently using.

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  1. You must be a genius. I didn’t understand a word of it and I hope it doesn’t happen to me. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

    • HA HA HA!!! I just love learning about web design. I’ve learned so much since starting this thing. Crazy. I hate when it breaks and I can’t fix it. I hope your site doesn’t ever break, it’s a headache.

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