3rd Stained Glass Circles Project – Completed!

I’ve had a bunch of posts in my drafts folder, for projects I’ve completed over the past few months.  So even though I completed my 3rd stained glass circles project back in February, I am just now posting about it.  My first 2 came out awesome:

my 2 stained glass circles projects layered!        completed 2nd stained glass circles frame project

I used my LED light board to “sketch” out the design for my 3rd project:

Then soldered the pieces together.  I like how the colors are different depending on how the light hits it:


I layered it with this piece that I made last year:

stained glass circles frame in front of icicles

I love how it looks:


It’s hanging in the bedroom alongside my first circles project [my 2nd circles project is now hanging in the girl cave]:



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  1. These are fantastic. A roomful of them must be magical. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  2. After seeing them in person I know how beautiful they really are. Great job, Dad.

  3. They’re really different and very beautiful! Love the colors!

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