1st Stained Glass Circles Project – Completed!

Last March I cut some stained glass circles:

creating stained glass circles, copper foiling the edges

In July I soldered a metal frame together, soldered in the circles, then screwed the metal frame into a black wooden frame:

all the stained glass circles are now soldered into the metal frame        my first stained glass circles project with 2 clear bubble glass circles added

Then I cut more circles and soldered them into a 2nd frame:

my second batch of stained glass circles with the edges copper foiled        my second stained glass circles project completed

Accidentally, I discovered how great the 2 frames looked when layered together:

both of my stained glass circles projects together        my 2 stained glass circles projects layered with the morning sun coming through

Today I spray painted some braces & screws black:

294a        294b

Then clamped the frames together, drilled some pilot holes, attached 2 braces [at opposite corners], and added hanging hooks:

294c        294d

294e        294f

I added some hanging wire & some silver tinsel cord [figured if one fails, the other will survive], and hung it in the bedroom window:

294g        294h

Love it!  Next up will be creating a 2nd layered frame of circles for the adjacent window.

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  1. Beautiful! Something so attractive about stained glass and you’ve made a masterpiece which now you need two of. When I need two of something I always make them factory fashion or I’ll never finish the second one. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  2. I love your stained glass projects. You really make me want to take a class.

    • You totally should – it’s so easy once you know the basics and have the right tools & supplies! It’s a very cool medium to work with. I need to try a mosaic soon like what you did with your foundation.

  3. This is SO beautiful! Love it!

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