Some Website Updates!

Every now and then I decide to dust off my CSS skillz and tweak parts of my website.  This week I decided to give the right sidebar a makeover:


The right sidebar is where my “widgets” are displayed.   Some widgets are included within WordPress and others are easily downloadable via “plugins”.  In case you’re unsure, a widget is “an application that enables a user to perform a function or access a service”.  A plugin is “a software component that adds a specific feature to an existing computer program”.  So you have to download a plugin in order to add a widget to your site.  I found 2 new widgets for my site that make me very happy:

The COLLAPSIBLE WIDGET AREA plugin allows me to add collapsible category headers, like for my lists of “BLOGS I LOVE” and “POST CATEGORIES”.  Now, instead of having static headers with lists of links underneath, only the headers are displayed.  Click each header once and it will open the list of links.  Click it again, and it closes!  So cool:

242b2        242c2

This allows my readers to see the options available on my page, but keeps everything neat and tidy.  I love it!  It does have some limitations, which is why my “ARCHIVE” list is not displayed under a clickable header…  It was cutting off my archive with no way to scroll down.  Meh.  Maybe a later version will fix that.

The FLEXIBLE POSTS WIDGET plugin allows me to add thumbnails of my favorite projects!  I have never thought about having a favorite project list, but I love it!  Click the header to display a list of my most favorite projects:


The widget allows you to list as many projects as you want, but I decided 8 was a good amount.  If you noticed that I published a bunch of new posts for old projects, this widget is why!  Many of my projects [the catio, the slate floor, the cat platforms, the stained glass stars, etc.] have multiple posts attributed to them [the catio project alone has 20 posts!].  Instead of trying to pick the post that best exemplified each project, I decided to create new posts to encapsulate just the highlights.  Much simpler to link to 🙂

PS – HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!  Hubby got me this awesome crayola art set:


When we were in Florida right before Christmas we went to a restaurant which specializes in gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches – OMG!  Each table was covered in white paper with a bucket of crayons in the center.  While I waited for my white cheddar & Gorgonzola grilled cheese to arrive [SO GOOD] I drew a picture of a bee decorating a tree for the holidays :


Hubby was apparently impressed, and has requested some art for his office walls, so I better get busy now that I have the motherload of crayons [and markers, oil pastels, and pencils]!

He also sent me a beautiful bouquet of roses and flowers at work!  Total surprise:

242i        242j

They look great with the beautiful wall calendar my mom got me for Christmas 🙂  My office is filled with plants, both real and fake.  I’m lucky to have a big window!

Tonight hubby and I are going to Zabaglione Ristorante in Ipswich because they are known to have the BEST eggplant parm anywhere north of Boston, and eggplant parm is my favorite.  I have never been there, because they are fairly expensive and way fancier than I usually like.  But hopefully it’ll be worth it!  According to their website they finished second in Zagat American’s top 1000 Italian Restaurants.  That’s pretty impressive!  Although, after doing some digging, it seems that’s an old rating.  And apparently if you make ANY comment that could possibly be construed as negative about your food the owner/chef will storm out of the kitchen and order you to leave the restaurant… LOL… soup nazi anyone?  Should be interesting…

I’ll close this post with an adorable picture my Dad sent me today of me and our cat Her in matching boxes – I must have been 2?  Her and Birdie could be sisters!  Except Her was a manx:


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  1. Jessica@CapeofDreams

    Her is cute. Fun birthday gift! Hope you had a good birthday.

  2. Fascinating – and much easier to navigate. Beautiful birthday flowers – Happy, Happy! And incredibly creative projects!

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