Replacing A Cracked Tile

9 days ago I found a stack of spare tiles in the basement, belonging to our condo.  I grabbed one and used it to replace the cracked tile in the master bathroom.  I used a grout-removal tool to scrape the old grout out, a cold chisel and ball peen hammer to chip the remaining mortar chunks out, and Tile Replacement Mortar to frost the new tile and pop it into place:

fixing the cracked tile in the master bathroom        fixing the cracked tile in the master bathroom / removing the old tile

fixing the cracked tile in the master bathroom / applying mortar        fixing the cracked tile in the master bathroom / new tile placed

5 days ago I used a grout float to spread some pre-mixed sanded grout around the replacement tile.  Once I sponged off the excess it looked as good as new:

206a        206b

The grout I used is PolyBlend “Simple Grout” in Delorean Gray:


I think it looks wonderful and blends very well with the existing grout in the bathroom.  “BEFORE” on left, “AFTER” on right:

fixing the cracked tile in the master bathroom        206c

Next up will be tiling the front hall. Last week I smashed the remaining tile out, and over the weekend I spent a few hours chipping away the remaining thin-set mortar so I have a clean slate to work with:

206e        206f2

I was hoping to get the Schluter Ditra membrane laid down this weekend, too, but my brother was in town!  Yay!


I’ll end this post with a pic of the beautiful flowers my hubby brought me on Friday:


He’s awesome 🙂

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  1. Hey Alison,

    Excellent guide on removing and replacing a broken tile. I have so far never tried to DIY and fix a broken tile – always scary in case I do more damage than I fix … however it seems quite simple using the grout-removal tool you mentioned, will surely give it a try

    Excellent flowers too, thanks for sharing
    – Pakhi

  2. Jessica@CapeofDreams

    Good husband! I got flowers last week too. Totally out of the blue. Must be something in the air.

  3. SO ambitious, so talented!

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