My RIVER Page Has Been Updated!

It’s been about a year since I’ve updated my RIVER page.  So check it out!  Here’s a few of the NEW pics I’ve added:

river - cormorant in an epic battle with a lamprey eel in the ipswich river        cormorant in an epic battle with a lamprey eel in the ipswich river

ipswich river cormorants drying their wings        river - ipswich river mallard ducks on a log

river - ipswich river snowy egret        river - ipswich river painted turtle and snapping turtle on a rock

river - ipswich river otter eating fish on the ice        river - ipswich river bufflehead duck

river - ipswich river otter playing in the snow at the top of the fish ladder         river - ipswich river otter playing in the snow at the top of the fish ladder

river - ipswich river snowy egret         river - ipswich river goldeneye duck

As a side-note, I’ve also added a “LIKE” button which will show up on my posts and pages.  Feel free to click it if you like what you read or see!

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  1. Cool blog and pictures! I initially noticed your two “cormorant vs eel” photos and I have never seen such an event before. So that looks like a huge struggling eel captured here, but in the end the cormorant won the battle really? Does the bird simply manage to swallow it down desperately wriggling about the whole way as well?! I wonder also if that eel stood any slim chance of escaping the hungry birds stomach and how it manages to consume it bones and all? Thanks for the info/feedback, keep it up! 😉

    • Nine Dark Moons

      Thanks for the comment and compliment, Kyle! Welcome to! We often see the cormorants and eels battling in the river outside our house. Sometimes the eels get away, but not after they’ve been swallowed. Yes, the cormorants gulp down the eels wriggling the whole way into their bellies – bones and all! Somehow they are able to digest the entire thing. They eat fish too, bones and all.

      • Oh interesting! It’s hard to imagine how the shocked prey would react once it reached the supposed final destination! Wouldn’t the lamprey bite/thrash and possibly damage the birds stomach/insides?? I can’t help but pity the poor preys fate alittle. Ironic how once inside it would be only an inch or two away from a much better/healthier habitat, the water!

        • Nine Dark Moons

          Well, lamprey eels don’t have teeth, just a raspy ridge in their mouths, so they can’t do any damage to the cormorants – they’re basically just squishy snakes. yes, they must be quite shocked to find themselves suddenly out of the water and in a bird’s belly!

          • Just stumbled across this cool/interestingblog again! I have never witnessed an event like this before. I can’t grasp how the bird digests the entire eel, does it really stand 0 chance of escaping its belly once inside?! I wonder what the conversation would be between the bird and eel and if the cormorant would ever spare it from becoming a meal??

            You have some other great photos as we’ll keep it up! 😉


          • Thanks, Kyle! Welcome back 🙂 I don’t think the cormorant would ever spare it once it was swallowed – the cormorant is thinking “Yum, delicious eel dinner!”

  2. Jessica@CapeofDreams

    Those pictures of a loon eating a snake are crazy!!!! You are so lucky to have this in your backyard.

  3. Fascinating is right! Nature’s TV show every day! Does it get scary during floods?

    • Nine Dark Moons

      I’ve never lived through a flood, but hubby has – I think there’s a video link further down my River page – yeah, here it is:
      it’s CRAZY!!!
      The rolling rapids is what is normally the peaceful waterfall/dam, and the Riverwalk foot bridge – which is normally about 10 feet above river level – is at water level!

  4. Love the gulping Cormorant…

    • Nine Dark Moons

      We watched another Cormorant gulp down an eel on Sunday, very similar to this one! The eel was wrapping around his beak, etc. – it’s crazy to watch! And it’s gross to see the eels trying to squirm back out of the Cormorants throat!

  5. You two have THE most fascinating location of anyone we know. Ours is really good, yours is amazing!

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