Some New Features

You may have noticed I’ve been doing some tinkering on the blog this week.  I added some helpful links to the introduction box at the top right:


I normalized the “subscribe”, “search”, and “post comment” buttons so they’re all purple, the same size [give or take], style, & shape [I just know that was bugging everyone else as much as it was me 😛 …]:

105e        105f

And they highlight in light purple when you hover your mouse over them:

105h        the search box widget on my website

Ooooooooo pretty…

But the most EXCITING thing I did this week was figure out how to create DROP-DOWN MENUS!


*Happy Dance*!!!

And how to add an indicator to the menu items that have children:


You’ll never imagine how many hours it took to add the 2 little red indicators.  I tried about 8,000 things, and searched every which way I could think of online, and finally came across an article which suggested I create my own indicator in MS Paint, like so:

Then shrink it, save it, and insert 2 lines of CSS code into my site, which add the indicator image to the right of any menu items with children.  It took soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long to figure out!  But I LOVE coding.  And I’m always up for a challenge.  If I’ve seen it on a different blog, and know it can be done, I’ll figure it out, even if it takes 10 hours.  And if I dream it up, and have never seen it anywhere, I’ll try everything in my power to create it.  I can write passable code now in 4 languages:  Oracle SQL, C++, HTML, & CSS.  And basic code in 2 others:  PL/SQL & Java.  Woohoo!!!  The only coding I need for my website is CSS and a bit of basic HTML.

The last thing I did was figure out how to get the parent menu item to highlight in red when a child menu item is selected:


When I originally set my site up, I designed it so menu items would highlight in red when selected, so you’d know which page you were on with a quick glance.  But when I added the drop-down menu items, only the selected drop-down item was showing in red – the parent switched back to white.  So when you moved your mouse away from the drop-down menu, the drop-down menu would hide, leaving all white parents.  Which bugged me.  But now it’s fixed.  So if you’re visiting, say, my “Completed Projects” page, which is a child of the “Projects” menu, both the “Projects” and the “Completed Projects” menu items highlight in red [as seen in this screenie & the one above]:

adding drop down menus to my website


I am a happy nerd this week for sure 🙂

I’ll end this post with an amazing picture of Birdie I found on my camera’s memory card:

birdie with aqua and purple eyes, reflecting LED lights

Her eyes are reflecting the awesome color-changing LED light fixture in our upstairs hallway:

kaia pendant light in upstairs hall window        65g


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  1. Jessica @CapeofDreams

    I thought those little triangles were hearts, which was adorable, so I am going to keep thinking of them that way. You are awesome for writing code. I really want to learn but never seem to find the time. And holy cat eyes! That is a cool picture.

  2. You’ve technologically left us in the dust. What a great job you’ve done with your blog!

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