Breaker Box: MAPPED!

circuit breaker box

OMG. I just spent 5 hours mapping the basement breaker box to all the outlets, switches and appliances in our condo. Holy crap. I thought it would take 3 hours tops. Nope. 5 hours. But at least now I can tinker with outlets if I need to [like replacing the beige receptacles with white ones!] and know which breaker to turn off.

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House Tour Page is Live!

My new House Tour page is live! Check it out to see floor plans of our condo, including furniture lay-outs and room colors. I used an amazing [and FREE] website called It’s extremely addictive, especially if you have OCD tendencies… Once you’ve drawn the outline of your house & rooms, you can pick from a gazillion furniture, rug, appliance & floor style choices to reflect what your house actually looks like inside! And edit the colors for a near-perfect match! How cool is that???

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Upstairs Hall Lighting – Part 1: Paper Lantern

chinese lantern hanging in upstairs hall window

I was hoping to be a DIY dynamo last weekend and tackle some projects that have been clogging up my to do list for far too long. Like the girl cave ceiling string lights, the girl cave bookcase redo & the recessed lighting trim color change. But when the weekend arrived, I felt like doing nothing. So I did nothing. All weekend. I watched a lot of TV, took naps, took some nice, long [cold!] walks, & read my Kindle.

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My Light Bulb Went On!

whittier tech learning electrical. my lightbulb went on!

I don’t think I’ve talked about it much, but I’m taking a Basic Home Repair class at the local voc tech High School – it’s part of their evening Adult Ed program. It’s AWESOME. The class is 10 weeks long, and is broken out into 3 parts: basic electrical, basic plumbing, and basic carpentry [30 hours of classes for $180 – cheap!]. Last night was the 3rd class of the semester, and the 2nd one covering basic electrical.

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Upstairs Hall Cat Platforms – Part 3: Completed!

darwin checking out the new upstairs hall cat platform

Over the weekend I was able to finish cat platform #2! About 10 seconds after I finished with the last bracket, Darwin came up the stairs [how do they always know when to show up?] and was instantly intrigued by what he saw. After using the steps to get up [*impressed*], and after a quick glance out the window, he thoroughly investigated the new platform, then returned to the windowsill for some quality bird watching.

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Upstairs Hall Cat Platforms – Part 2: Main Platform

upstairs hall cat platform

Last Monday was a Federal holiday, so I had the day off from work. Jim’s office was open, so he had to go in [poor hubby!]. Since I had the day to myself, I decided to see how much I could get done. From 7:00-9:00AM I cleaned the rat cage which made the girls very happy! From 9:00-11:00AM I ran errands and cleaned up the condo. From 11:00-noon I relaxed on the couch and ate an early lunch while watching the Olympics.

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Removing the “Hotdog Rack”

upstairs hall hotdog rack coat rack

Yesterday I couldn’t sit still. I kept trying to relax on the couch and enjoy the Olympics with my husband [which I managed to do somewhat] but there was a lot of sporadic DIY activity mixed in. So while my husband was at the gym, I decided to rip the ugly coat rack off the wall in the upstairs hallway. I never understood why the previous owner of the condo put it there – it’s not in a room, it’s not near a door, it’s not near anything relevant.

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