Back in the Swing of Things

back yard of condo and my black velvet petunias

Well, here we are in June, and the last DIY-related thing I did was back in April! Oy! Every weekend I tell myself I’m going to do some DIY stuff, but every weekend comes and goes with no DIY. Lately my weekends look like this: Saturdays are spent relaxing, decompressing from the work week, and re-charging my batteries [aka – reading, napping, walking, and laying on the couch watching TV].

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Big Island, Hawaii – Part 3: Kīlauea & Lava!

big island hawaii ka lae southernmost point in the us

Sorry for the long delay between posts – my computer died last weekend and work has been C·R·A·Z·Y with a capital K. Now I’m sick with some kind of major allergy attack or cold [there’s also a small chance I inhaled an inchworm hanging from a tree on my walk last week, which could account for all the coughing, but the more likely scenario is I’ve caught the blight that’s been taking out my coworkers at record speed.

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Big Island, Hawaii – Part 2: Mantas & Flowers!

big island hawaii red hibiscus

After our long road trip to Hilo and back, we decided to chill out in Kona for the next few days. We relaxed in waterfront parks, dined in waterfront restaurants, took daily naps, snorkeled in an almost-enclosed, coral-filled natural bay where sea turtles feed [so cool!], played in the waves at our favorite beach, and slept 10-12 hours a night! All that relaxing tuckered us out! We also toured a local coffee plantation and visited a local honey farm.

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“Basic Home Repair”

whittier tech learning to drywall

This was the last week of my “Basic Home Repair & Preventative Maintenance” class at Whittier Tech. It was a 10 week class, each class was 3 hours long. I learned so much! We started with 3 weeks of electrical where we learned how to fix a loose outlet, replace an outlet, ground an outlet, map our basement electrical box, and add a switch to a wall.

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Oops… Sorry, Ab!

using black and decker workmate table to cut wood sorry ab

HOORAY, it’s finally Spring! The windows are open, the breezes are blowing, and the kittehs are LOVING their window platforms, where they can lounge and luxuriate in all the odoriferous wonders coming in through the screens. I have no idea what cats consider to be good smells.

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Laundry Room – Part 3: 97% Done

cleaning the dryer hose

Hubby was gone this weekend, helping a friend in need, so I was planning to devote the entire weekend to DIY. That didn’t work out as well as I’d planned. However, I did get 97% of the laundry room painted! Woohoo! On Sunday I started in the laundry room by taking down the wall shelves over the washer and dryer and moving everything out of the room.

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I’ve Been Vegucated

vegucated vegetarian documentary movie

Soooooooooooooo… yesterday I had a Netlix streaming documentary marathon. I originally curled up on the couch with my Earl Grey tea to catch up on HGTV. However, I wasn’t really in the mood for the Property Brothers, so I browsed through Netflix’s streaming video selection, particularly documentaries, which I always find fascinating.

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