Living Room Cupboard – Part 7: Raspberry!

painting the living room cupboard benjamin moore night flower raspberry

Last night, hubby and I decided we didn’t like the lip on the living room cupboard top [too thick] OR the base [too white]. So this morning, at 7am, I unscrewed the lip [I used screws instead of glue for just that reason!], removed 2 of the cupboard doors [I don’t want to commit to the whole thing unless we like the raspberry], taped up half the cupboard, and put 3 coats of Benjamin Moore Night Flower on the frame and doors.

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Living Room Cupboard – Part 5: Trim Piece

making a plywood lip for living room cupboard

So, my Dad saw my last post about the living room cupboard, and my dilemma about the plywood edge. He told me to buy a piece of ¾” pine, stain it to match the plywood, and glue or nail it to the plywood edge. Problem solved! The ¾” pine he’s talking about comes in ¾” x ⅜” x 6′ strips – it’s what I used to build my DIY spice rack, add a border to the original cat platform, and add treads to the cat ramp fail.

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darwin watching chipmunk eat unsalted peanuts

Lately, in addition to the usual birds and squirrel, there’s been a chipmunk visiting our yard. So every morning I’ve been sprinkling sunflower seeds out for him & the birds, and peanuts for the squirrel. However, the chippie has taken it upon himself to stuff ALL of the above into his cheeks and race off with it to his den. I figure after last winter’s Polar Vortex, he’s not taking ANY chances!!!

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Dark Chocolate

dark chocolate stock photo

I embarked on a “health kick” this past February [26 pounds of wedding weight gone, 16 to go – woohoo!], and have been trying to learn more about healthy food choices and smart nutrition choices in general. Hubby is vegetarian [he eats eggs and dairy but no animals], and I have slowly morphed from about 85% vegetarian when I met him to about 98% vegetarian.

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Living Room Cupboard – Part 4: Stained Topper

zar interior oil based wood stain in salem maple, foam brushes, and rags

As of my last update, the cupboard was painted white, but the dark blue laminate top had to go. Instead of replacing it, I decided to try creating a new top, out of stained plywood, which would slide over the existing top. So Thursday morning I headed over to the hardware store and bought a fancy piece of ¾” thick plywood. I had them cut it to the exact size of the existing top.

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House Numbers!

house numbers and historic plaque

A few months ago I came home from work to find the building-wide fire alarm blaring. It’s L·O·U·D and comes out of multiple speakers throughout the condo. There’s no way to shut it off without calling the fire department. Apparently the alarm was tripped by work being done in the 3rd condo. And no one was home, so who knows how long it was going off – poor cats!

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My First 5k!

me before walking the nate bibaud 5k in newburyport

Today I ran my first 5k! And by ran I mean walked 🙂 I am many things, but “runner” is not one of them! Hubby usually runs in a few 5k charity runs each summer, and this year he was like “why don’t we do it together? I’ll run, you can walk”. I had never even considered walking a 5k. I always assumed the people I’d see walking were people that were running/walking through it.

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Spaghetti Squash [Random, I know]

spaghetti squash

I’d never had spaghetti squash until last night. I’d heard of it, but never tried it. Something about putting spaghetti sauce over squash didn’t sound right. My brain was like “puhlease! I will totally know I’m being short-changed”. Then yesterday I came across another article mentioning how great spaghetti squash is, as a replacement for pasta, especially when you’re trying to watch your weight. So I decided to try it.

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