Wedding & Vow Renewal Ceremony

december 2013 beach wedding / vow renewal sanibel captiva FL

To be honest, I never thought I’d get married. I fantasized about it abstractly, but never met anyone where it seemed like a good idea. I was perfectly fine/happy/content with being single. I had great hobbies, good friends, lots of Netflix, etc. – I never felt I needed “a man” or “marriage” to make me feel complete. Jim never thought he’d get married either. He’d sort of resigned himself to the fact he’d probably be single forever, and was living a comfortable existence as a bachelor with his cat Darwin.

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An Evolution of Hair

me with a completely shaved head in november 2014!

Yes, this post has nothing to do with DIY and everything to do with hair. And my mother will need to be sitting down for this one. On Sunday my friend Briggs asked me if I was having a hair crisis. Which got me thinking about it, and I decided that yes, I sort of am! And I decided my hair crisis deserved a blog post.

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Architectural Salvage

stained glass spider web window

Last week I stumbled upon the website for Architectural Salvage, Inc. which is only 40 minutes north of us in Exeter, NH. It looks like they have some really awesome stuff, including old wooden doors [need!], reclaimed barn wood [want!], stained glass windows, leaded glass windows, cool hardware, and funky light fixtures. I told hubby we’re going on a roadtrip soon!

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Holiday Spirit

christmas tree ornaments

Christmas never feels right until the tree is up and decorated. 4 years ago I bought a fake tree at Target on super sale – apparently no one wanted it. But I knew it was perfect the first time I saw it – it’s got pinecones and little red berries on twigs, and fake snow – it’s awesome! It’s tall and narrow, and sort of hard to decorate since the branches are all munched close together. But it’s my tree and I love it.

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I My Kindle Phone App!

banner for the amazon kindle app for smart phones

This post exists simply because on a weekly basis I am blown away by the Amazon Kindle app for my Windows phone. And I was blown away by it again yesterday, so I felt compelled to write about it. Most of you probably already use the Kindle app, but bear with me. Last year my husband downloaded it to my phone, but I didn’t pay any attention to it. Until yesterday. When I sitting, board half to death, in my doctor’s waiting room.

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