the election results have put me in a deep funk

Seriously, America? A racist, lying, woman-hating bully who doesn’t believe in climate change. A man beloved by white supremacists & the KKK. Awesome. I am glad this coming Friday is a Federal holiday. I am looking forward to immersing myself in stained glass art & painting art. Creating is always good for the soul.

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One of Those Days.

one of my 6 panels is basically ruined after spilling silver leaf paint on it

Everyone has a day now and then that just goes wrong every which way, for no apparent reason. I always assume when I have a day like this that someone’s bad karma has gotten too close to me and rubbed off a little. My therapist says that’s impossible, but I don’t think so. Today I ended up breaking the garbage disposal and trashing one of the 6 panels of my latest art project. *Scream*!!!

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Some Very Special Visitors

daniela, dad, & me at niles beach in gloucester, ma

Two weeks ago we hosted some very special visitors: Daniela Braun and her husband Joachim Braun. They hail from the Stuttgart area of Germany. It was wonderful to meet them! Joachim has been to the US many times, but it was Daniela’s first trip. Apparently New England is very different from Southern Germany! We did so many things while they were here, including the New England Aquarium, the Crane Estate, Salem, Rockport, and Walden Pond.

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Living With Depression

black and white meh

As a DIY blogger, I don’t often talk about my personal life. I like to keep things light and fluffy and focus on my accomplishments and the funny things my pets have done. It helps me to keep a positive mental attitude and outlook on life. But behind the scenes things aren’t always so easy. I have suffered from depression since puberty. Without medication I find life unbearable. I wanted to share a blog post I wrote in 2005, originally published on MySpace.

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birdie relaxing in the laundry room while our replacement windows were installed

This post is to document some big milestones as of late. It’s almost my 2nd Blogiversary [I TOTALLY thought it was my 3rd!]. I can actually buy wood at a hardware store without major anxiety. We’ve had Birdie for a year now and she’s made incredible progress. She also showed Bonkers who’s boss a couple weeks ago and now he actually avoids her! AND this is my 200th post with pictures – woohoo!

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A River Photo Shoot

historic choate bridge in ipswich

This week I decided to take a break from DIY and catios and update 2 of my lesser visited pages: the page documenting the Ipswich River Mother’s Day Flood of 2006, and the page documenting the March 2010 Flood. Neither flood were experienced by me – they happened before I met Jim, but Jim experienced the 2010 flood first hand.

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OMG There’s So Much Going On!

lucy reeder, abbie's dog

I have been doing some tidying up behind-the-scenes here at I have broken the RIVER page into 3 sections and cleaned up the PROJECTS pages. I hung out with Abbie & her adorable babies. I crossed the 2k mark on my motorcycle odometer. The garden is blooming beautifully! I c**k-blocked Bonkers. I set up my new WorkMate table. I began work on the catio DOOR! AND we got our permit for replacement windows!!!

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Garden Update

flower pots and seedlings in yard

Not that we have much of a garden, our yard is way too small. But we do have planters lining the wall in our back yard, which overlooks the Ipswich River. Two weeks ago I bought the multi-colored Petunias and filled the orange planters with them. And last week after work I bought some Bachelor Button and Zinnea seeds, which I planted in the green planters. The seedlings are starting to grow!

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Finally – Flowers!

flower pots in yard

I am so late this year dressing up our tiny yard with some color, but finally got it done today. Hubby and I visited our friend Nat yesterday and stayed over at his house near Boston. On the way home we stopped at Lowe’s for a few things, so I grabbed 8 little pots of Petunias and some potting soil. It was a beautiful day for planting, low 70’s, sunny, and breezy.

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