I Virtually Made it to Niagara Falls!

i virtually made it to niagara falls by logging my gym rides via myvirtualmission.com

Back in August I shared my mission to virtually bicycle across the US from Ipswich to the Seattle Aquarium. I am logging all the miles I ride on the recumbent bike at the YMCA into myvirtualmission.com and each time I log new miles my virtual icon moves across the map. I’ve ridden 483 miles already! Which sounds like a lot until I realize I have 2,441 to go…

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I Virtually Made it out of Massachusetts!

my virtual mission screenie showing entire mission from ipswich to the seattle aquarium

I started riding 30 miles a week on the recumbent bike at the local YMCA last month, so I decided to sign up for a virtual mission at myvirtualmission.com. I didn’t really have a specific destination on the west coast, so I randomly chose the Seattle Aquarium. And the awesomest part about that is I keep having nightmares about the Seattle Aquarium [think giant tentacles slamming into glass]. GAH!

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Grilled Veggies – Part 4: Veggie Dogs & Quinoa Burgers

grilling 3 veggie dogs, 2 veggie burgers, & rolls

I haven’t eaten “real” hotdogs in a very long time, because they’re typically made with pork. I gave up eating pigs about 15 years ago ever since learning they’re smarter than dogs. I’ve tried all-beef hotdogs, and I’ve had turkey dogs, but I’m also OK eating veggie dogs. Jim picked some up at the store last week, as well as roasted garlic & quinoa burgers.

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Getting Healthier & Stronger [Possibly in a Parallel Universe]

a closeup of my typical salad

Do you ever feel like you’ve somehow jumped the rails to a parallel but healthier path in life? Like, everything feels the same, but you’re suddenly compelled to eat better, exercise, do more, take better care of yourself? And you have no idea what changed? That’s how I’ve felt for the past 3 weeks.
PS/UPDATE – when I first went to the gym 7/11, I rode 10 miles on the recumbent bike in 44:49. Today, 7/29, I did it in 36:19!

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Grilled Veggies – Part 2: Squash [Kousa, Zucchini, Summer] & Corn

grilling squash [kousa, zucchini, and summer], and corn on the cob

If you’re scratching your head at my title and saying “Kousa?” you’re not alone. I’d never heard of it either. It’s Lebanese squash, and is very similar to zucchini and summer squash. When I first saw it at the Gloucester Farmer’s Market last week I thought it was a hybrid of the two, because of the light green color and obvious similarities. But the Lebanese farmer set me straight and told me many local farms are starting to grow it, and it’s increasing in popularity.

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Grilled Veggies – Part 1: Eggplant, Onion, & Asparagus

grilled eggplant, onions, and asparagus after 6 minutes of cooking

I have never been much of a griller. For YEARS it was because I was scared I couldn’t do it. Abbie kept telling me “IT’S SO EASY!” but grilling for myself was never very motivating. After meeting Jim, I decided it was time to finally learn. I’m mostly in charge of dinner and DIY and he’s mostly in charge of laundry and dishes, so the grill falls squarely in my domain.

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Roasted Butternut Squash

roasting butternut squash

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Hubby and I are doing Thanksgiving in Ipswich this year.  When I was talking to my mom this morning, she asked if I had started cooking yet.  I said no, since I’m cooking a Tofurkey, not a turkey, so the cooking time is drastically reduced.  And I roast the butternut squash which is WAY easier

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