The Superglue Didn’t Hold

The superglue failing was a risk we took in early March when we fixed our loud/rattling bathroom fan with a drop of superglue. The fan started getting loud again right before we left for Hawaii, so the day after we got home I ordered a replacement motor from Amazon. Replacement motor = $40, replacement fan = $100. Life is much cheaper when you know how to fix things yourself!

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The Kitchen Wall is Patched

hyde tools dust-free drywall vac from home depot

Last week we had some black mold drama in the kitchen. I ended up cutting 2 holes in the drywall to make sure the mold wasn’t inside the wall. Thankfully it wasn’t! I have since patched both holes, added 3 coats of joint compound, sanded it down, painted it, and pushed the fridge back into place. Whew! We still don’t know what caused the mold to form, hopefully it won’t come back.

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Black Mold Drama

i screwed the drywall patch into the shim i'd placed inside the wall

While hubby was trying to replace the water filter under the kitchen sink at lunch today something went wrong and it flooded the kitchen. I came home and helped dry everything out. When I pulled the fridge away from the wall I found a huge colony of black mold on the wall!!! I cleaned up the mold and cut holes in the drywall to make sure the mold wasn’t inside the wall.

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