Goodbye Sweet Bonkers

I know I haven’t posted in forever.  First I had a sore throat for 4 months, then I had my tonsils out 2 days before Thanksgiving.  All I can say about that is:


More on that in a later post.  PS – there’s no way that guy in the 2nd pic is recovering from a tonsillectomy.  I still can’t fully yawn and it’s been almost a month.  Just sayin.

On 12/1/17 we lost our sweet boy Bonkers.  He’d been sick for a long time but started going downhill very fast at the end of November.  The morning he stopped drinking and eating we knew it was time to make the very tough decision.  We took him to our vet and 3 days later took home his ashes.  We will spread them in his favorite outdoor spots this Spring.

Formerly from my PETS page:


Jim and I adopted General Bonkers from the Ipswich Animal Shelter in 2012. He loves catnip, chasing the laser dot, and hanging out in his new catio! He loves being outside, whether it’s in the catio, on his leash, or in my arms. My Dad calls him “the most disheveled cat I’ve ever seen”:

pets - bonkers sitting on my new cutting board christmas morning        bonkers rubbing his face on the chicken wire of the outdoor cat enclosure / catio

bonkers investigating outdoor cat enclosure / catio leash        darwin, bonkers & birdie (40) pets page

He was the sweetest cat ever.  Not once did he growl, hiss, scratch, bite, or show anything except love and gentleness.  Although, on 2nd thought, he did smack Birdie in the face when we first got her.  But other than that he was the best boy ever and we will miss him forever.

Here are some final shots I took of him.  The last one is a few hours before he left his physical body.  I was trying to get him to drink some water, but you can see in his eyes that he’s just done:



We miss you & love you Bonky!!!

Darwin doesn’t seem to notice Bonkers is gone.  Birdie definitely does – it took her less than 24 hours to figure it out and claim the entire house as her own.

Darwin says Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, & Happy Holidays to everyone:

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  1. Animals are pure souls, and it is painful when they leave us. We share your grief. Hope you have a happy Christmas despite everything.

  2. Bonkers, an angel went to sleep.
    Liebe Grüsse

  3. Aw, Alison, I’m so sorry about Bonkers! What a hard road you’ve had lately. I hope you fully recover from that tonsillectomy and can relax and enjoy some holiday time with family and critters. Merry Christmas!

  4. Health wise, you’ve had a really tough time over the past few weeks – so glad the tonsillectomy worked and you’re finally feeling better.
    We’re both sorry about Bonkers – it’s always heartbreaking to let go of a beloved pet. He was a wonderful cat, and you two gave him the best years of his life.

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