2 Stars & A Pendant

A couple of weeks ago my coworker & friend Diane heard I work with stained glass.  She had tried it years ago and is thinking about taking it up again.  I offered to go over the basics with her if she came over.  So 3 Sunday’s ago she came by and we spent a couple of hours playing with stained glass 🙂  I’ve never really taught anyone anything before [!], so I was pretty nervous.  I learn best by doing, so I told her we were both going to make a stained glass star.  I didn’t take any photos because I was so focused on teaching!

We used the same pattern I used for my original stars:

stained glass star template design

Diane made a beautiful blue & white star which I wish I’d taken a picture of.

I made a blue star for my mom – it’s a [very] belated Mother’s Day gift.  After Diane left I added wire swirls to each foot:


Then I made a deep purple star for my blog friend Jessica.  It has a wonderful deep hue and a subtle texture to it:

the purple stained glass star i made for jessica        the purple stained glass star i made for jessica

Here’s a photo of it from Jessica’s blog [she wrote a whole post about it!] which shows the true color:

I’ve been wanting to make Jessica a star ever since receiving the wonderful bowl she made, which she gave away with 5 others on her blog back in April.  I won the bowl I loved the most, which was #4 out of 6 designs:


The bowl looks beautiful on our very messy coffee table [it’s not usually so messy].  And it looks different in different lighting:


A camera flash brings out the creamy hue of the blue.  It’s such a beautifully made & glazed bowl!


After making Jessica’s star, I finally converted my friend Christyne’s spectacular piece of beach glass into a pendant for her.  She found it on the beach last December:

It’s been sitting on my workbench since Spring.  So after teaching Diane and after making the 2 stars, I grabbed the beach glass and did my best.  Having never made anything jewelry-like, I wasn’t sure how to proceed.  I ground down the edges then wrapped the piece in copper foil, soldering the foil to turn it silver.  Then I carefully wrapped a piece of 14 gauge pre-tinned copper wire around the piece, and soldered it to the foil for added strength.  A wire loop at the top was all it needed to turn into instant jewelry:

Here’s a closeup of the front & back:


I know the flower is sideways now, but I was focusing on the shape of the pendant, and which way it would look the best while hanging.  Christyne loves it and said she gets many compliments:


Once the chameleon is done, I look forward to more stained glassing.

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  1. That’s a gorgeous piece of beach glass and you made a beautiful pendant!

    • Thanks! I was amazed at the beach glass, I’ve never seen anything like it. Such a cool piece. I’m glad I was able to make it into something wearable!

  2. You and Jessica are both so artistic, so creative, and SO talented at what you do.
    And, Alison, I love the blue star – the color, the added swirls, just perfect!
    Christyne’s piece beach glass was a great ‘find’ – and the necklace you created for her is the perfect way for her to show it off!

    • Thanks! Wish I could have given you the star in person before you learned about it here, but being sick for the last 2+ weeks has put a real damper on my plans.

  3. What a fun post. That beach glass is unique. I also collect beach glass and have made a few pieces of jewelry with it, but I’ve never found anything that cool or made as nice a necklace. I love it. Thanks for sharing pictures of the bowl in its new home. It blends right in and looks comfortable there, which makes me happy.

    • Your bowl is very happy here – I LOVE it 🙂 it’s become a place to put little things we don’t want to get lost. It’s perfect and beautiful 🙂 I wouldn’t have thought of making the seaglass into a pendant – but I’m glad I gave it a try and that it came out so well. I have seaglass somewhere that I collected when I was little. Maybe I’ll try making some more jewelry with it some time.

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