The Superglue Didn’t Hold

The superglue failing was a risk we took in early March when we fixed our loud/rattling bathroom fan with a drop of superglue.  You can read about it HERE.  The fan started getting loud again right before we left for Hawaii, so the day after we got home I ordered a replacement motor from Amazon.  Replacement motor = $40, replacement fan = $100.  Life is much cheaper when you know how to fix things yourself!  The motor arrived 2 days later and I installed it.  It literally took 5 minutes.  The longest part was when I dropped a screw and had to crawl around the floor looking for it.  Then go down to the basement for a new one when I couldn’t find it *grumble*.

New motor, straight out of the box:


I carefully removed the cover & the light plate from the ceiling fan:

the clean fan parts before putting everything back together

Then replaced the motor.  Old motor on left, new motor on right.  So simple to replace!  No electrical wiring needed.  Unplug motor from housing, unscrew 2 anchor screws, pop old motor out, pop new motor in, replace anchor screws, & plug new motor into housing:


The light plate attaches to the motor housing with a wingnut:

The cover clips back on super easily, and done!


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  1. I would never have guessed it would be that easy!

    • I know! Me either! It’s such a racket. I’m sure most people [old me included] would call their electrician who would order a whole new fan for $100, and install it for them for another $100, and call it a day, and they’d never know how easy it actually was.

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