More Stained Glass Snowflake Stars

Almost exactly a year ago I was busy making stained glass stars for the holidays.  I decided to have fun with a few of the smaller ones and decorated them like snowflakes:

raspberry stained glass snowflake star        blue stained glass snowflake star

purple stained glass snowflake star

This year I decided our house needed MORE snowflake stars.  I grabbed 3 of last year’s larger stars and brought them up to my workshop:

At first I decided to add swirls to all 3.  I carefully crafted each swirl with needle nosed pliers:


I made 12 [4 per star], then soldered them on:



But after seeing them hanging in the window I decided it was too many swirls.  I took the blue star back upstairs and heated up the solder holding on the swirls until they fell off.  Then I made 5 large circles by wrapping my 16 gauge pre-tinned wire around the post of a Whitmor shelving unit in the basement:


I made 5 smaller circles by wrapping my wire around a small Maglite flashlight:

I soldered the large circles to the star first, then went back and nested the smaller circles inside.  It was very hard to get them straight!  But I did it and I think it’s very pretty:

i created 2 layers of circles for one of my snowflake stars        i love how the circle snowflake stars look

Then I took the small purple one from last year [pictured at the top of this post] and snipped off the prongs.  Too sharp.  Then I crafted 5 small triangles and carefully soldered them on:



It looks beautiful in the window:

i love how the triangle snowflake stars came out

Then I grabbed a large “bubble glass” star from last year and embellished it the same way.  First I cut 5 equal lengths of wire, then folded each in half with needle nosed pliers:


Then pried them back open into triangles with my fingers.  Next up was anchoring the bubble glass star between 2 blocks of wood, painting on lots of flux, positioning a wire triangle with needle nosed pliers, then soldering it onto the star:


I love it!

        i love how the triangle snowflake stars came out

Here’s our living room window displaying all the snowflake stars [and the guardian angel my German sister made me last year]:

I love how glass looks layered – holding 2 snowflake stars together made for some cool effects:


As an aside, I’ve gotten tired of looking at my ugly plywood soldering board.  The greasy flux stains & solder burn marks detract from any photos I try to take!:

soldering the copper foil edges of stained glass circles        soldering the edges of the metal stained glass frame

So yesterday I primed it with 2 coats of BIN primer, then painted it with 2 coats of white trim paint:


SO much better:


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  1. Your work is getting better and better and it was wonderful to start with. The complex shapes are so pleasing. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  2. The layered ones are gorgeous! I love how they all look in the window.

  3. You’re so creative and talented – your stars just keep getting better and better. The grouping in your living room window is spectacular.

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