I Virtually Made it to Niagara Falls!

Back in August I shared my mission to virtually bicycle across the US from Ipswich to the Seattle Aquarium.  I am logging all the miles I ride on the recumbent bike at the YMCA into myvirtualmission.com and each time I log new miles my virtual icon moves across the map:


I’ve ridden 483 miles already!  Which sounds like a lot until I realize I have 2,441 to go…  I started my journey 7/11/2016 and according to the website I’ll reach the Seattle Aquarium 7/23/2018.  I go to the Y 3-4 days a week.  In addition to the recumbent bike I also do abs & arms exercises.  During the summer I was going by myself while hubby ran outside.  But with the colder weather he’s back in the gym so we go together 🙂

My first goal was to cross the MA state line into NH which I accomplished on 7/25/16.  My next goal became the Canadian side of Niagara Falls.  Not for any reason, just because.  And I reached that goal a week ago on 12/1/16!

Here are a few Google Maps images of Niagara Falls from the Canadian side of the bridge and also from various boat tours you can go on to see the falls up close and personal:



Perhaps someday I’ll get back to Niagara Falls when it’s actually warm out.  The only time I’ve been was February 1998 when there was a -20 windchill – NOT the best time to go!  But still pretty:

photo scanning project part 3 1997-1998 niagara falls         photo scanning project part 3 1997-1998 niagara falls


photo scanning project part 3 1997-1998 niagara falls           

I am not embarking on this virtual mission for weight loss, although that is part of it.  My main goal was to get into the habit of exercising regularly.  And so far I’m accomplishing that!  Of course, weight loss is a side goal.  In 2016 I managed to conquer half the “eat less/exercise more” equation, so 2017 will be the year of eating less *nods*.  Hear that MROWR?  Eating LESSMROWR is the little demon that sits on my left shoulder and whispers “more chocolate, more ice cream, more cake!” – GAH!


My 1st personal riding record was set 8/13/2016 when I rode 10 miles in 36:08 minutes = 16.60 mph.

My 2nd personal riding record was set 8/20/2016 when I rode 10 miles in 35:08 minutes = 17.07 mph.

My 3rd personal riding record was set 9/21/2016 when I rode 10 miles in 34:48 minutes = 17.24 mph.

My 4th personal riding record was set 12/7/2016 [TODAY] when I rode 10 miles in 33:15 = 18.04 mph!

JUL16:  9 visits to the gym
AUG16:  13 visits to the gym
SEP16:  12 visits to the gym
OCT16:  2 visits to the gym [sick most of the month]
NOV16:  13 visits to the gym
DEC16:  9 visits to the gym [busy month]

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  1. Impressive! It’s nice that you have goals to motivate you. Douglas is planning to bike across the U.S. next summer with a friend. They plan to do it in a month. I hope to have permission to take the kids out of state by then because I want to follow along in the car.

    • WOW a month OMG… but he’s a biking crazyman. in a good way of course! that would be a great trip. i really hope you can take the kids out of state, it would be so much fun to do a family trip like that!

  2. Congrats! You set your goals and you’re meeting them. Excellent!

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