Fixing the Dryer, Part 3: OMG I Did It!!!

The replacement heating element for the dryer arrived in the mail this morning:

309a        309b

I removed the broken heating element from it’s housing box and noticed in addition to the broken coil there was also a crack through the metal – scary!:


As a demonstration of a component without electrical continuity [broken] versus a component with electrical continuity [good], I tested the old coil & the new coil with the multimeter set to ohms Ω.  When there’s no electrical continuity the meter will not change from the “1 .” Ω it displays when you turn it on.  When there is electrical continuity it will display “0.00” Ω:

309c        309e2

I placed the new heating element into the housing box, reconnected the wires, put the top back on, & screwed it all together using the screws I’d taped to the top so I wouldn’t lose any:

309f        309g

Here’s what the box looked like when it was all put back together – the new coil looks good!:


Then it was back behind the dryer for me.  I carefully maneuvered the heating element box back into the dryer and reconnected the blue & red wires:

309i       309j

Then back around the front of the dryer to screw the one locking screw in place:


At this point I put the front of the dryer back together.  Then I went around back again to reconnect the vent hose/back panel piece & the dryer hose:




Then the most important step – a test run:


So far so good!  Hubby is catching up on laundry now, so the first real load of clothes is currently in the dryer.  It seems I actually fixed it!

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  1. My heroine. You Tube videos have taught me how to do countless tasks. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  2. Gute Arbeit .
    Liebe Grüsse

  3. I’m impressed with your ingenuity! Great job.

  4. Clever, clever…great job! I wish I had the Internet and u-tube when I was doing those kind of projects, it would have made things a lot easier. I finished most of them out of sheer luck and some were not as successful as yours. I’ll fill you in a few horror stories when I see you next, Dad

    • The instructional videos you can find on YouTube are a total life saver! I’d have never attempted this without them. Looking fwd to hearing horror stories 🙂

  5. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are one clever girl! So impressed!

    • Thanks! Jim is on his 3rd load of laundry and the dryer is working perfectly – fingers crossed it stays that way!!!

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