One of Those Days.

Everyone has a day now and then that just goes wrong every which way, for no apparent reason.  I always assume when I have a day like this that someone’s bad karma has gotten too close to me and rubbed off a little.  My therapist says that’s impossible, but I don’t think so.  Anyway, I woke up at 2 this morning because the otters were chirping, which made me smile.  I woke up at 3 because it sounded like something was being eviscerated in the River bed.  I’m guessing it was probably raccoon’s mating, but I have no idea, and wasn’t about to go out in the dark to find out.  I woke up at 7 to Bonker’s howling for his breakfast, and decided to just get up because I had a lot to do today.

First thing on the to do list was to switch out the water in the fish tank [every month I try to remove about ⅓ of the water and replace it with fresh, filtered water].  However, upon closer inspection, I realized the tank was completely overcome by brown algae.  Again.  Gross.  So I removed the fish, removed the 2 tank decorations, removed the snail, and spent almost 2 hours meticulously cleaning the tank, the rocks, the filter, and the decorations with bleachy water.  I rinsed the rocks in the sink and let them soak for an hour, then did a few rinses to make sure the bleach was removed.  I was very careful not to let any rocks slip down into the garbage disposal.  Once the sink was clear and the rocks were back in the tank and the tank was full of clean water, I tested the garbage disposal and just heard a low level hum.  No chomping.  No grinding.  %$@#!!!

Hubby was about to leave for his run, but thankfully came to the rescue instead.  He unplugged the disposal from the wall, and I stuck my hand down and pulled out EIGHT small fish tank rocks.  WTF?  I plugged the disposal back in and tried turning it on and it still did nothing.  Just a low level hum.  By this point I was in full panic mode:  “do we have a plumber?  Should we call him?  Should we go to Home Depot and just buy a new one?  Should I try to install it myself?  I hate plumbing but theoretically I can do it… No, better to call a plumber… OMFG what are we going to do???!!!”  Meanwhile, hubby looked in with the flashlight and noticed a small fish tank rock was wedged in one of the holes where water drains out, but it was preventing the blades from turning.  He unplugged the disposal again, tried to grab the rock with tweezers, then with his hand, then with a screwdriver, but it was wedged so tight he couldn’t get it out.  He worked at it for about 20 minutes.  I finally suggested a hammer and an awl.  I said “just bash the fu@k out of it!”  He didn’t want to in case the pieces rained down into the motor and made everything worse, but as a last resort he bashed it and blew the rock into pieces and now the disposal works just fine!  Thank you HUBBY, you are my hero!!!

The tank is wonderfully clean now, although 3 of the 4 fish are still hiding in the back corner:

297i        297j

UPDATE 9/14/16:

3 of the 4 fish didn’t make it. Apparently the thorough tank cleaning was too much for them 🙁 *GUILT*

I took a small break and noticed a buzzard on the roof of EBSCO Publishing [the brick buildings across the River from us].  It was ripping and tearing and chomping on something on the roof [better theirs than ours].  I’ve never seen a buzzard this close to our house, and never gotten a picture of one, so I grabbed my camera and headed outside.  By this point it had stopped eating and was sitting on the edge of the roof, doing it’s typical buzzard thing with it’s bald neck all hunched over.  And of course, as soon as I lifted my camera to my eye, it flew.  GAH.  All I got was this:


Hubby says that’s not a picture of a buzzard.  All I know is it was eating like a buzzard, and sitting like a buzzard, and had a huge wingspan like a buzzard.  I’ll let my father, the bird expert, weigh in.

I spent the next 2 hours cleaning Franc’s cage, which was long overdue.  I put him on top of the cage and he slept the whole time [he’s so awesome].  Then we went to see a movie [Just Breathe], which was pretty good for a horror/thriller.  When we got home I decided to settle down in the girl cave and paint the silver tree on the last of my daylight panels [I already painted the tree silver on 2 panels, but I’ll be posting about that separately].  I shook the liquid leaf paint up, unscrewed the cap, and realized the sun was right in my eyes.  I screwed the cap back on, stood up and closed the velvet blackout curtains.  I sat back down, grabbed the silver leaf paint, shook it, and realized in the worst way possible that I didn’t secure the cap properly:

297a        297b

297d        297c

It got all over my clothes, the floor, my desk, and worst of all, my panel.  I raced downstairs and doused my panel in the sink.  I used a scrub brush to try to remove as much silver as I could, but I think it’s a lost cause:

297e        297f

297g        297h

The last picture shows how water logged the canvas board is, it soaked all the way through to the back.  *scream*!  Hubby made me pull my shorts and t-shirt off because I was covered in super strong smelling liquid leaf, which soaked through my clothes onto my skin.  Then he made me take a shower to try to wash off what I could.  Soap did nothing, so I asked him for the nail polish remover.  After dousing my stomach, thighs, and hands with it, I finally got the majority of the silver off my skin.  Dammit…  I had to put my clothes in the yard to dry because they smell so strong.

So yeah, it has been one of those days where I should have stayed in bed.  I will probably have to go to the art store, buy another 11×14″ canvas board panel, and redo the panel.  Sucks.  But it could have been worse.  It could always be worse, so I’ll just be thankful none of the pets were injured, it didn’t get in my eyes or face, and worst case scenario I set myself back a few days.

I’ll close this post with a picture of Darwin sleeping in the cat carrier [Bonkers had a small tumor removed the other day and the carrier is still on the kitchen floor, waiting to go the basement] and Bonkers chillaxing on some packing paper, which loves almost as much as plastic:

297k        297l

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  1. That is a Horrible, Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day! The happen to everyone from time to time. Are you sure the panel can’t be salvaged?

    • ya, and to cap off the horrible day, the next morning, our 2 favorite fish were dead. MEH. i guess the fish tank mega cleaning was too much stress for them (they were in a separate bowl the whole time, but still). I am trying to salvage the panel currently. i think it will work.

  2. Maybe it’s better to get all the bad stuff out of the way in one day? Hope today was better. Super sorry about your panel, but it won’t take as long to recreate as it did to do it the first time. Never does. So glad it didn’t get in your eyes or on anyone’s fur.

  3. Sorry about your bad day, but S*** Happens! Sorry Jim, that’s a Turkey Vulture aka: Buzzard.

  4. What a disaster! Not the fish tank, not the pig – those are doable or fixable, but the panel! omg – SO sorry that happened!
    Guess who you took after….this entire scenario is the story of my life!
    You’ll redo the panel and it will be gorgeous, but still …. what a traumatic day!

    • yes, things are coming together again. bought 3 new fish and one new snail. i still miss our other fish, especially the “fish baby” who grew to be huge! but hopefully the new fish will feel at home.

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