Adding a Photo Grid Widget with Hover Titles

OK, this is something I have wanted to add to my page FOR-EV-ER.  And, like the “lightbox” feature, I finally figured it out!  I have always envied blogs that had a very simple, elegant grid of photo thumbnails in their sidebar, highlighting either their favorite projects, their most popular posts, etc.  And I have finally figured it out!  *insert maniacal laughter*…

For the past 6 months I have been trying and trying and trying to get something like this to work.  I’ve tried different plugins, I’ve tried coding it myself, but nothing looked the way I wanted it to.  And none of the plugins I tried had options for hover titles.  Then finally – FINALLY – I found a plugin called “Gallery by Supsystic” which rocked my webpage world.  It’s so easy to set up and has all kinds of customize-able options including the ever elusive HOVER TITLES.  I love grids with JUST PHOTOS.  No titles under them.  No bullet symbols next to them.  I like simplicity and clean lines.  And the icing on this cake was when I realized I could change the default color of the hover title [and it’s opacity] so I could incorporate my blog’s color scheme of purple and black.

Now in the sidebar you should see this:


And if you hover your mouse over each square you should see the title:


And if you click each square it will bring you to that blog post.  Hooray!

As an aside, I used Windows Photo Gallery to crop my original photos down to squares [something else I’ve wanted to learn forever and finally have].

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  1. ZOWEE!!!! This is amazing. Good for you – it’s SO impressive!

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