Some Website Updates!

web site design updates

Every now and then I decide to dust off my CSS skillz and tweak parts of my website. This week I decided to give the right sidebar a makeover. The right sidebar is where my “widgets” are displayed. A widget is “an application that enables a user to perform a function or access a service”. I found 2 new widgets for my site that make me very happy!

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Key Rack!

crafting a diy key rack

A couple months ago I started crafting a key rack for all our wayward keys. It’s a simple piece of 26×2½x¾ pine that I cut, primed, & painted white. I had a minor panic attack at the amount of wayward keys all over the house, so the key rack got finished and hung up today!

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Room Re-Org: Bedroom Edition

condo master bedroom reorg showing tshirt chest in new spot

Hubby and I have been binge watching Tiny House Hunters on the HGTV channel for the past couple months. It’s pretty much thanks to Jessica from Cape of Dreams – she posted in November about cleaning her basement and mentioned that the show was part of her inspiration for paring down and de-cluttering. After watching a gazillion episodes, it has inspired me/us to do the same!

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