Stained Glass Spider Web: Reinforced Hooks

A couple months ago I completed my first stained glass project – a spider web!:

diy stained glass spider web hanging in living room window        diy stained glass spider web

Abbie warned me a couple of times that the spider web was probably too heavy for the hooks, since they were soldered directly to the copper foil border.  She wasn’t kidding!  Today I took the web down to my workshop and barely applied any pressure before the hooks peeled off, taking the copper foil with them:


I washed the newly bare edges with soap and water, and re-applied copper foil:

234c        234d

I soldered the new edges, and patina’d them black like the rest of the web:

234e         234g

Then I cut pre-tinned copper wire into matching lengths with built-in loops:


I soldered the wires on, and patina’d them black:

234f2        234a2

Now the web is back hanging in the window.  I have NO IDEA if what I did will make the web stronger.  Abbie and I discussed it the other day and agreed a wood or metal frame for the web would be the best solution.  But for now, the reinforced sides with hooks should hopefully keep it safe from falling!

To see my progress from start to finish, click these links first:

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Part 4 – Attaching Hanging Hooks [scroll down to middle of post]

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  1. You solder, too! I guess I knew that since you do cut-glass designs but, oh my, how talented your are. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  2. It’s so beautiful – fingers crossed that the new hooks hold!

  3. Jessica@CapeofDreams

    What a relief that it didn’t go crashing to the ground! You should make a wooden frame for it.

  4. Alison, you are truly amazing, love Dad

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