I Hacksawed the Rust off our Front Door!

Today after work I did 2 things.  I finally cleaned the mortar and grout spots off our front stoop [leftover from when I tiled the front hall last month].  This is in preparation for watersealing it tomorrow after work.  It was built last August and they said we could stain or paint it after a year.  So before the winter arrives, I want to seal it.  So I scrubbed the mortar off with a scrubbie and lots of warm, soapy water, then hosed the whole thing down:

cleaning the mortar off the front stoop        cleaning the mortar off the front stoop

After cleaning the stoop I decided to attack the rust spots on our metal front door, which required prodigious use of my hacksaw.  I hadn’t planned on doing that today or I’d have cleaned the stoop afterwards!  Here’s a before/during/after of the inside right corner:

221c        221d


And the outside of the same corner:

221f        221g


And some before/afters from the inside and outside of the other corner:

221i        221j

221k        221l

Once I got as much rust off/out as I could, I sprayed the SHIT out of each corner with Rust Converter/Prohibiter:


It smells AWFUL!  OMG.  I hope it helps.  Tomorrow I’ll start patching the door with Bondo.  Unfortunately I didn’t foresee that the inside of the metal door is filled with foam.  I thought it was solid metal.  So I’m not sure if the Bondo will adhere well to the foam.  Meh.

In other news, my friend Christyne brought me a palm tree over the weekend – I love it!  Her Dad was getting rid of it:


I went to the local nursery and bought a huge green pot for it and some fresh potting soil.  Hopefully it will be happy in it’s new dirt/pot, and new home!  Unfortunately, Darwin is a big fan of the new tree, too, and insists on snacking on it…

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  1. If you replace the door keep all paperwork. My door looked similar after 10 years but came with a 14-year guarantee so they gave us a new door. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  2. I imagine thats a difficult and terrible work.
    Das stelle ich mir schwierig vor eine schreckliche arbeit.

  3. Jessica@CapeofDreams

    That door looks to be a project! I like the pretty plant.

    • Ya, if Bondo doesn’t work on the door, I’ll be buying a new one – meh! 🙂 Hopefully the plant will be happy!

  4. Something tells me you’ll be buying a new door! Either way, you will have gotten rid of the rust. 🙂 Our back door is rusty from boxer jowls pushing it open, believe it or not!

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