Soooooooooo FRUSTRATING!

For the past week and a half I haven’t been able to access my website from home.  It’s SO FRUSTRATING.  I can access every other website, but not I get this instead:


We can’t access it from hubby’s laptop or the desktop upstairs, either.  However, we CAN access it from our phones if we aren’t going through the wifi.  And I can access it from work [not that I do, of course…], so I know it’s working.  I also found this great website last week where you can see if your website is down for everyone or just you:

190b        190c

Hubby also rebooted the wireless router, and went around it to see if we could access my site in the DMZ [I have no idea what that means] – no luck.  Hubby also taught me how to turn on “Internet Sharing” on my smart phone, which allows me to connect to my website, using my laptop, via my phone.  I have NO idea how that works, but for short time periods, like now, it’s letting me on.

I have contacted Verizon numerous times during the past week and a half, and they’re stumped.  I have done trace routes [and sent them to Verizon], I have refreshed my DNS – hubby showed me how – he’s “supah smaht” [said in a Boston accent] like that.  I have googled “can access all websites except one” and found lots of hits, many in the same situation I’m in, with no viable solutions.  I’ve tried everything suggested by other desperate bloggers [deleting all the crap in my “hosts” file, changing my website password, deleting all cookies, etc. from both Chrome & Firefox, rebooting, defragging my hard drive], and NOTHING has worked.  GAH!!!!!!!!!

Even more confusing, there are brief time periods where I CAN access it, like earlier tonight:


But it’s very short lived, and then it’s straight back to:



On the plus side, I made an AWESOME butternut squash mac n’ cheese last night [with chunks of crumbled fresh buttermilk blue cheese melted on top]:


Hubby surprised me with beautiful orange lilies and roses on Tuesday *happy squeak*:


And the groundhog [aka “whistle pig”] is back for the unsalted peanuts we tossed out the back door:

190g        groundhog / whistle pig eating unsalted peanuts in our yard

UPDATE 7/25/15:

As of today [Sunday] it’s STILL BROKEN. So frustrated. Thankfully it comes up a few times here and there, so it’s not constantly down, but WTF.

UPDATE 8/25/15:

The site has been working great for about 3 weeks now… fingers crossed it stays that way!!!

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  1. Jessica@CapeofDreams

    That would drive me nuts! I hope you figure it out soon.

  2. You’re scaring me. How does this happen? Eeks. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

    • Nine Dark Moons

      I’ve read many theories, some involving IP address conflicts, or my site being “blacklisted” by our internet provider accidentally… but those seem more like conspiracy theories, and don’t explain why we can access it at certain times [I could login fine from about 8pm last night to 8:45 when we went to bed], but most of the time we can’t. SO FRUSTRATING!

  3. How frustrating – and how stupid that the guys who control your website and/or your internet connection can’t find it or fix it. With that sentence I think I just proved how cyber-ignorant I am. However, this just seems SO unnecessarily frustrating and stupid.
    Love your blog – hope whatever it is gets fixed soon!

    • Nine Dark Moons

      Agreed! I’m pretty cyber-ignorant, too, when it comes to how websites run and what could possible cause just ONE to be inaccessible 80% of the time, when I can access every other website with no problems…

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