Outdoor Cat Enclosure/Catio – Part 13: Ramps & Slats

This afternoon I finally attached the ramps I finished building last Thursday.  I decided to attach them the same way I’d attached the dining cat platform and ramp – with hooks and eyes:

dining room cat platform and ramp with hook and eye

Which turned out to be pretty ugly when applied to the cat enclosure:

187a        187b

Especially when I decided to add twist ties to secure them:

187c        black and white woof

So this evening I came up with a much better solution, which required the use of 3″ deck screws:

187e        attaching ramps for bonkers to the outdoor cat enclosure / catio

187i        187f

It also required that I climb into the enclosure to get the appropriate leverage necessary to secure the interior shelf:

me sitting inside the outdoor cat enclosure / catio, installing ramps!

From underneath, the screws aren’t the prettiest things, but they work really well and the shelves don’t budge and inch – they’re sunk about ½” into the enclosure wall:


In between attaching the shelves via hooks & eyes, then later via deck screw, I worked on cutting, staining, and attaching the luan slats to cover the chicken wire staples on front of the enclosure:

187k        luan slats to cover staples completed for outdoor cat enclosure / catio

I attached the slats on the side last week.  So now the front is done, too:


Then I shoved the enclosure BACK against the fence/house and called it a day, since it was SO hot out:

90 degrees outside

The AC kept the condo nice and cool, which was appreciated by human, feline, & rodent alike!

Meanwhile, my flower pots and seedlings are doing really well:

flower pots in yard overlooking the Ipswich River, Riverwalk, and Ebsco        flower pots in yard overlooking the Ipswich River, Riverwalk, and Ebsco

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  1. Looking good! Love the picture of you inside the enclosure – really cute!

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