Filling in the TITLE Field of your Media Files / Photos

Back in early June I posted about why you should fill in the ALT TEXT field of all your blog photos.  If ALT TEXT is left blank, search engines will skip right over you.  Alternatively, if ALT TEXT is filled in, you become part of the Google [and other search engines] search results!  Woohoo!

Another field I’ve recently become enamored with is TITLE.  TITLE is auto-populated based on the name of my photo.  The best thing about TITLE is that it allows you to search your photo library by keyword.  However, my photos are all named with numbers and letters.  For example, the ones for this blog would be 186a, 186b, etc. because it’s my 186th blog post.  But that doesn’t help me to search by keyword!  So, after spending weeks filling in all the ALT TEXT field on all my photos, I’m going back through and adding TITLE now.  A lot of work, but it will be so worth it in the end!

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  1. OMG, this would be SO much work! I struggle just to get the dang post written! But thanks for explaining it all. I will do better from now on.
    Dare you to build a wrap-around cat habittrail like the one in row three, right side of Google images! Way cool! 🙂

    • Nine Dark Moons

      I’ve been drooling over those wrap-around cat tunnels for years – ever since I first saw those pics – amazing!!!!!!!! I would love to do that… but hubby would probably cast himself off the deck in a fit of despair. The cat enclosure in the back yard is giving him enough agita!

    • Nine Dark Moons

      PS – I try to do 50 photos a day, which some days just doesn’t work. I’m slowly making my way through my 2700 photos and re-doing the alt-text and titles. It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it for me!

  2. This is just in case you have LOTS of time on your hands – GRRR is right!

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