And not the cute, algae and moth covered variety:

162d        162b

The pure, lazy, lay on the couch and do nothing variety!  I actually slept until 2:30pm this past Saturday…  I think it’s a combination of jet lag from our Hawaii trip [I know, poor me…] and work being completely bat-shit crazy for the past few months, particularly since I’ve been back.  Long hours at the office have taken their toll and led to an abundance of zzzZZZzzz when I’ve been home.  Yesterday after work I lay down on the couch, shut my eyes, and next thing I know it’s 2 hours later and hubby’s asking me if I want dinner.  WTF?

So there’s been no DIY.  No work of any kind around the house.  I haven’t even unpacked yet!  My suitcase is still dumped on the bedroom floor, overflowing with Hawaii-trip clothes that need to either be washed or put away.  Meh.  I’m one of those people who’s usually unpacked within a few hours of being home.  Not this time!

162c        162e

I’ve also had a weird swollen gland on the back of my neck since getting home.  Just one.  Very strange.  I blame it on the germs infesting the stale airplane air.  We spent 24 hours on a plane.  12 to Hawaii and 12 home.  As far as I can tell, the long plane ride is the ONLY downside to visiting Hawaii!  I think my body’s defenses are in ninja mode, silently fighting the plague[s] trying to take me down.  Good body!  *pats self on head*.

I’m hoping by this weekend to have my energy back.  I have so many things to work on!  Like finishing the front hall, or at least getting the plywood shelf painted, edged, and put back up [which goes over the coat rack]:

front hall entrance closet new hangers grey paint

And trying to decide if I want to paint my new super tall bookcase purple or bright candy-apple red:

martha bookcase girl cave

And I have so many awesome Hawaii stories to share!  Most of them involve FAILS of one sort or another, but we enjoyed ourselves despite the [mostly weather related, although some sloth related] disappointments, and can’t wait to go back!

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  1. Jessica @CapeofDreams

    Sloths are cute in pictures, but they give me the willies in person. There used to be three in the plaza of the town where I lived in Venezuela. One night after a party I had to walk past one that was on the ground in the middle of the walkway for some reason. He terrified me!

    I hope that you get your energy back soon. I can’t wait to hear about Hawaii.

    • Nine Dark Moons

      It’s so weird to see one on the ground! I’ve only seen them on the ground on TV [on nature shows] and someone goes and puts them back into a tree. Weird!

  2. You’ll bounce back. I hope you have a paint sprayer for the tall bookcase. I have one which I’ve never used but I might initiate this weekend or next. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  3. Sounds like you’re wiped out … take care and be careful!! (Love the sloth photos!)

  4. Rest, relax, catch up …. the DYI stuff will wait!

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