Meet Franc!

franc eating a cucumber and smiling

Last week my friend Michelle posted on Facebook that her friend Joe needed to find a new home for his male rat Franc. Apparently Joe has to travel a lot for work, so Franc got lonely. But Franc is SO cute and so sweet… hubby agreed we could adopt him. This morning at 9 I picked him up and this afternoon I got him all settled in our spare large cage.

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I made 3 More Stained Glass Stars!

raspberry stained glass star hanging in living room window

I’m on a roll! Holy cow. I made a raspberry one last night before bed, a garnet/blood red one this morning, and a smaller, clear glass polka-dot/bubble wrap looking one this afternoon. The clear one was for hubby’s boss’s wife. We went to a surprise party for him at his house and I decided to make a star for his wife [who I’d never met] as a hostess gift. She loved it πŸ™‚

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