Downstairs Hall Cat Platforms – Part 2: Completed!

downstairs hall cat platforms with red ikea brackets and birdie

Over the course of the past week I cut, primed and installed a “step” for the downstairs hall cat platforms, making the downstairs hall cat platforms officially complete. Hopefully the step will make it easier for Birdie to jump up and down off the main platforms. The chair I had there in the interim wasn’t working very well [too low & too awkward – and by the way – what’s up with that ugly cushion! I never noticed that before… that’s got to go].

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Well, I can Cross “Electrocute Myself” off my Bucket List!

replacing the living room light switch and dimmer with LED dimmer switches

So yeah, today I got to experience electrocution. And it was about what I expected. It felt like someone snapped a rubber band across my finger tips. Hubby describes it as a “painful tingling sensation” which is about right. I remember my Dad getting zapped a few times growing up. He’d always whip his hand away from the outlet with a “gah!” sound, and that was about what I did. I’ve always been curious to know what it felt like, and now I know!

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My 2nd 5k!

me after walking the poker 5k in 2014, with blond hair

You may recall that in June I completed my first 5k race. I must point out that I speed-walk, I don’t run. Regardless, it’s still quite challenging & exhilarating! Hubby runs 5 or 6 5k races each summer and this year he suggested I join him for some. It’s way more fun to be part of the race than it is to be sitting on the sidelines reading a book! So this past Saturday we completed our 2nd 5k together – woohoo!

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Downstairs Hall Cat Platforms – Part 1: Construction

birdie on her new downstairs hall cat platforms, with darwin in the background

After adopting Birdie from the shelter last month, we quickly realized she needed places off the floor to escape Bonkers’ relentless pursuit. He can’t jump, so anywhere over a foot off the ground is generally safe, but she prefers to be about 4 feet up. She’s been using the upstairs hall cat platforms and my art table in the girl cave as her main hang outs but we want her to feel safe downstairs, too. We spend a lot of time in the living room during the evenings and on weekends and it would be nice if she could enjoy those times with us.

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Upstairs Hall Cat Platforms – Part 5: Moved Again

birdie on the upstairs hall cat platforms enjoying the open window

So yesterday after work I decided to move the cat platform from the girl cave back out to the hallway. This time I placed it right up at windowsill level, like the main platform is, since Birdie has a point of access with the other platform. It’s location will give her direct visual access to the upstairs hall, the stairwell, and the downstairs hall, so she can better assess Bonkers’ position. My version of a feline early warning system.

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