Back-end Migration in Progress

My site is being migrated from Windows hosting to Linux hosting.  It’s all going on in the background, but you might notice links not working or other hiccups.  It should be back up and running properly by 3pm Sunday [tomorrow].

UPDATE 12/21/14 @ 4:26pm:

The back-end migration to Linux is complete.  With only minor hiccups… like my entire photo database being deleted.

black and white omg

GoDaddy support:  “wow… I’ve never seen that happen before… like ever…” – great!

Thankfully they fixed it… but OMG.  I was having a minor panic attack for a good hour.  Worst case scenario:  re-upload all my photos [all 1,054 of them!], one by one, from my computer hard-drive to  Which would take H·O·U·R·S.

My website usually backs itself up once a week, but due to a WordPress/GoDaddy compatibility glitch in late November [WordPress blames GoDaddy, GoDaddy blames WordPress], my site hadn’t backed itself up since 11/20.  I also haven’t been able to upload images since 11/20 without jumping through about 5 hoops, making it very tedious to craft new posts.  So HOPEFULLY updating to a Linux web hosting system has solved all the compatibility issues!

I’ll know in about 5 minutes when I finalize my Christmas post for publishing.

UPDATE 12/21/14 @ 5:42pm:

My site started acting up after a WordPress update in late November.  I wasn’t able to upload new images, making life very frustrating.  I did finally figure out a work-around, but it was very labor intensive and made me want to throw things.  I read through the WordPress forums and realized a lot of people were having the same issue, and they suggested calling GoDaddy [where my site is hosted].

I finally called GoDaddy last week, but they tried to sell me an expensive upgrade, claiming it was the only way to fix the problem.  So I hung up.  Jim suggested we call them back yesterday, and talk to them on speaker phone, so Jim could chime in [he works in IT so knows a lot more about back-end stuff than I do].  The woman we spoke to was much nicer, and said we didn’t need to upgrade, but suggested we make a lateral switch to Linux hosting.  She said it would fix the compatibility issues with WordPress.  Sounded good to me, and Jim concurred, so she started the back-end migration.  She said it would take about 24 hours before my site was back up and running.

At around 3 this afternoon my site still wasn’t working right, so I called GoDaddy.  They said it was a very simple fix involving re-directing my links [I had no idea what that meant, but they walked me through it].  Hooray!  My site was finally working!  But I quickly realized all my photos were gone.  GONE!  My entire photo gallery had been erased!  Which meant another frantic call to GoDaddy.  They’d never encountered that issue before, but thankfully were able to help me restore everything.  Phew!

So I thought I was finally ready to post a new blog.  But when I tried uploading an image, I got an error.  Just like I did before migrating the back-end to Linux [it was a different error, but the same result].  GAH!!!  SO FRUSTRATING!  So I called GoDaddy AGAIN.  After being put on hold for 20 minutes I was told it wasn’t a GoDaddy issue, it was a WordPress issue *bangs head on desk over and over again*.  I consulted the WordPress forums again, and tweaked a few things which finally worked.  I honestly have no idea what I did!  But it’s working now, so I think I can finally post an actual blog post.  Fingers crossed!!!

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  1. looks like you’re back in business again. Yea!

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