3 Updates

Here are 3 small updates to recent projects:

[1] First, an update to the laundry room extension of the Downstairs Hall Cat Platforms.  I built the cat platform extension so Birdie could access an elevated litter box in the laundry room [inaccessible by Bonkers].  On Sunday I went to Petco and miraculously found a covered litter box small enough to slide into the space between the washer and the shelf above it.  The best part?  It’s raspberry colored [at least the base is], which matches the laundry room walls!  Total accident.  It came with a swinging door, which I’ve removed for the time being.  Birdie hasn’t used it yet, but I’m hopeful she will…:

91a        91b

Tonight Birdie walked towards it, like she might check it out, but instead was more interested in the bridge outside the window:

91c        91d

[2] Next, an update to my “Well, I can Cross “Electrocute Myself” off my Bucket List!” post, which described the replacement of 2 mis-matched dimmer switches in our living room with matching LED dimmer switches.  At the time of the posting I had been unable to find a switch plate cover with 2 rectangular bays and one toggle switch bay.  However, I found one on Amazon – Woohoo!  Here’s how it looks [the dimmer switches look cool at night]:

91e        91f

Before I found the wall plate on Amazon my Dad had a good suggestion, which was to replace the toggle switch with a wide toggle instead, thereby allowing me to buy a 3-gang switch plate cover with all rectangular bays:

91g        91h

Which are much easier to find.  By the way, “wide toggle” switches are also called “rocker” switches, “decora” switches, or “quiet” switches depending on where you look… very confusing.

[3] Finally, an update to my “An Evolution of Hair” post.  My hair – it’s growing!  That’s the update 🙂

91i        91j

Slowly, but surely… By next Fall I should have hair… I miss having hair… I have no regrets about shaving my head – it’s very liberating.  But I miss having hair.  I even have hair dreams!  *sigh*

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  1. 3 comments:
    maybe if you turned the litter box sideways, it would give Birdie a feeling of privacy. This probably makes no sense, but it’s a thought.
    Re the light switches with the green nightlights – very cool.
    and the hair – progress! Also cool!

  2. Luv the dimmers at night, Dad

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