Downstairs Hall Cat Platforms – Part 2: Completed!

downstairs hall cat platforms with red ikea brackets and birdie

Over the course of the past week I cut, primed and installed a “step” for the downstairs hall cat platforms, making the downstairs hall cat platforms officially complete. Hopefully the step will make it easier for Birdie to jump up and down off the main platforms. The chair I had there in the interim wasn’t working very well [too low & too awkward – and by the way – what’s up with that ugly cushion! I never noticed that before… that’s got to go].

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Well, I can Cross “Electrocute Myself” off my Bucket List!

replacing the living room light switch and dimmer with LED dimmer switches

So yeah, today I got to experience electrocution. And it was about what I expected. It felt like someone snapped a rubber band across my finger tips. Hubby describes it as a “painful tingling sensation” which is about right. I remember my Dad getting zapped a few times growing up. He’d always whip his hand away from the outlet with a “gah!” sound, and that was about what I did. I’ve always been curious to know what it felt like, and now I know!

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