Living Room Cupboard – Part 9: Completed!

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FINALLY!!!  After more than TWO MONTHS of work, the cupboard is finished!!!  Two weeks ago I got the right half of the cupboard finished:

67a        67b

It took 6 coats of raspberry to completely cover the white – my Dad said that’s because I was using latex WALL paint instead of latex enamel – d’oh!  Apparently latex enamel is MUCH better for furniture and other wood items.  Good to know!

Last week I got the other half of the cupboard finished:

painting the living room cupboard benjamin moore night flower raspberry        67d

The new, thinner lip looks awesome!  I nailed it to the edge of the plywood top and also into the old blue laminate top, which is under the plywood.

I LOVE how the raspberry cupboard and dark metallic hardware look together:


The last step was filling the nail holes in the lip, which took 2 coats of tinted wood filler, and a bit of stain [I used a Q-Tip to apply the stain].  Unfortunately I forgot to use “finish nails” for the first few, so I had to cover up some really fat nail heads.  Meh.  It only shows in certain lights…:

luan lip attached to living room cupboard        luan lip attached to living room cupboard

Lesson learned.  Note to future self:  always use finish nails when FINISHING a project!

So here’s a pic of the cupboard before I touched it, a pic of the white cupboard FAIL, and a pic of the finished raspberry cupboard:

living room cupboard original old wood oak        54e

67h        1st blogiversary cake 1 candle i can haz cake now?

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  1. And yes, you deserve some cake now!

  2. All that time, work, and expense was worth it – your outcome is beautiful. Great job, as always!

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