House Tour Page is Live!

My new House Tour page is live!  Check it out to see floor plans of our condo, including furniture lay-outs and room colors.  I used an amazing [and FREE] website called  It’s extremely addictive, especially if you have OCD tendencies…


Once you’ve drawn the outline of your house & rooms, you can pick from a gazillion furniture, rug, appliance & floor style choices to reflect what your house actually looks like inside!  And edit the colors for a near-perfect match!  How cool is that???  They even have an IKEA section so you can pick furniture that looks just like the stuff you lugged home and used assorted allen wrenches to put together – LOL!  I found our IKEA coffee table, end table & ottoman among the choices.  My favorite pick was an aquarium with actual swimming fishes inside it!  Ha!

Thankfully I found condo docs in our mortgage file with actual room dimensions so I was able to draw the floor plan to scale – otherwise it would have been nearly impossible!

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