I’ve Been Vegucated

vegucated vegetarian documentary movie

Soooooooooooooo… yesterday I had a Netlix streaming documentary marathon. I originally curled up on the couch with my Earl Grey tea to catch up on HGTV. However, I wasn’t really in the mood for the Property Brothers, so I browsed through Netflix’s streaming video selection, particularly documentaries, which I always find fascinating.

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Laundry Room – Part 2: Halfway There!

painting the laundry room benjamin moore night flower raspberry

I’ve been writing this post for 2+ weeks now. I edit some old content, add some new content, then lose my oomph and give up. Two weeks ago I was sick for a week. Stomach cramps, sore throat, headache, zero energy. Thankfully I’m all better now, asides from a low-grade headache which comes and goes. Then hubby, who was already battling bronchitis, caught my stomach bug, but much worse!

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Kitchen Cupboard – Part 1: Orange Test

painting the glass front kitchen cabinet benjamin moore calypso orange

We’ve decided to paint the inside of our glass-front kitchen cupboard. This was hubby’s idea, and I think it’s a brilliant one. He suggested a bright, bold orange like Benjamin Moore’s Electric Orange, but I decided to go with the slightly more tame Calypso Orange. So last night, after removing the items and the shelves from the cabinet, I used Benjamin Moore Fresh Start primer followed by 2 coats of Calypso Orange.

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Breaker Box: MAPPED!

circuit breaker box

OMG. I just spent 5 hours mapping the basement breaker box to all the outlets, switches and appliances in our condo. Holy crap. I thought it would take 3 hours tops. Nope. 5 hours. But at least now I can tinker with outlets if I need to [like replacing the beige receptacles with white ones!] and know which breaker to turn off.

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House Tour Page is Live!

My new House Tour page is live! Check it out to see floor plans of our condo, including furniture lay-outs and room colors. I used an amazing [and FREE] website called floorplanner.com. It’s extremely addictive, especially if you have OCD tendencies… Once you’ve drawn the outline of your house & rooms, you can pick from a gazillion furniture, rug, appliance & floor style choices to reflect what your house actually looks like inside! And edit the colors for a near-perfect match! How cool is that???

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Upstairs Hall Lighting – Part 1

chinese lantern hanging in upstairs hall window

I was hoping to be a DIY dynamo last weekend and tackle some projects that have been clogging up my to do list for far too long. Like the girl cave ceiling string lights, the girl cave bookcase redo & the recessed lighting trim color change. But when the weekend arrived, I felt like doing nothing. So I did nothing. All weekend. I watched a lot of TV, took naps, took some nice, long [cold!] walks, & read my Kindle.

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