Girl Cave Ceiling – Part 2

girl cave ceiling painted benjamin moore galaxy

Yesterday I was home due to the Federal holiday, so I decided to make myself useful [something I had avoided all weekend by spending most of it sprawled on the couch, under a puff, watching hours of HGTV]. So I set up my ladder, draped some plastic, and finished painting the girl cave ceiling. As you may recall, I started painting the edges of it back in October… The color is a beautiful, rich dark purple called Galaxy by Benjamin Moore.

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DIY Spice Rack – Part 2

priming the diy spice rack and cat ramp

Yesterday I bought wood and built a spice rack. This morning I primed it [and a cat platform & ramp for the dining room, but that will be discussed in a separate post]. This afternoon I’ll paint it. I’m also going to the hardware store today to buy some brackets for the platform and ramp, and a stud finder [something I should already own, but don’t].

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