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I have just been able to add “JetPack” to my blog, which is a bundle of features offered by WordPress, the open-source blogging tool that makes possible.  JetPack will streamline my blog and make things MUCH tidier behind the scenes [not to mention making it snow during the Christmas season!].  Basically instead of having to download separate plugins [add-on software] to track statistics, kill spam, handle email subscriptions, etc., it’s all handled under the umbrella of JetPack.

When I first started my blog last August, WordPress kept prompting me to connect to JetPack, but I couldn’t.  There was a glitch affecting random blogs, preventing JetPack and WordPress from talking to each other.  Some people with 2 WordPress blogs even reported they could connect to JetPack with one but not the other.  Totally random.  Apparently the glitch has been fixed, at least for me, and I can finally connect to JetPack and take advantage of it’s amazing features.

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Long story short, I would like to humbly ask if the 3 people that have subscribed to my blog via FeedBurner [the email subscription service I’ve used up until now] can please re-subscribe using the *NEW* SUBSCRIBE button to the right… you don’t have to, but I’d like to remove FeedBurner from my site at some point.  I’m so sorry for the inconvenience!  This is definitely a “new blog” kind of hiccup…

Also, for my family members that have emailed me via my blog [I don’t even know how you do that!] I just found your emails yesterday, so I’m sorry I never replied!  You can always leave comments directly on my blog instead of emailing me – there’s a much higher probability I will see your wonderful messages 🙂

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