I My Kindle Phone App!

banner for the amazon kindle app for smart phones

This post exists simply because on a weekly basis I am blown away by the Amazon Kindle app for my Windows phone. And I was blown away by it again yesterday, so I felt compelled to write about it. Most of you probably already use the Kindle app, but bear with me. Last year my husband downloaded it to my phone, but I didn’t pay any attention to it. Until yesterday. When I sitting, board half to death, in my doctor’s waiting room.

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Fire Alarms: Do Not Paint…

painting the fire alarm in upstairs hall white

The fire alarms in our condo are hard-wired to the walls. Over the years they’ve become very ugly and yellowed. Particularly the 3 upstairs alarms – one in each bedroom, and one in the hallway about 15 feet up. They all say “Do Not Paint” on them. So last weekend I finally got the last of them painted. You saw that coming, right? I made sure not to paint over the green light. Or the red light. Or the slots where the smoke and fire get in.

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Painting the Girl Cave Walls

painting the girl cave walls

When I first considered moving into the condo, back in January 2012, I convinced my husband to let me turn the 2nd bedroom into a GIRL CAVE. Thankfully, he agreed 🙂 I mean, a girl has to have somewhere to hang her dragon stuff, her knife collection, her disco balls, and set up her art studio, right? After spending many hours in the cave over the following 18 months, I finally decided on a color scheme for the walls!

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Site Design

my site's theme is mantra by cryout creations

Just after Christmas 2011, a few months after meeting my husband, he surprised me by buying and registering the domain name NineDarkMoons.com – something I’d always wanted but had never actually pursued. I had NO idea where to start. Which is why, 18 months later, the site was still unpublished & collecting dust. Then I stumbled upon some kick-ass women DIY’ers with their own websites and my life changed forever!

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